Friday, December 9, 2011

One Fat Summer--#70 finished

Well, I have made it to 70 books read so far this year with the year quickly winding down. I obviously won't be getting to the 87 books read last year but the 70 something is a good number. Okay now onto this book. I really liked The Contender written by the same author, this book is not as good. Both of them are for teens though so I am not surprised it wasn't really for me. It also was written and happened in the 70's so somethings are a little off--a dollar an hour to fifty cents an hour for work, no kid today can even think of so little. Oh well, not a bad book and it was a quick read.

I have posted it on PBS but there are 50 copies of this version ahead of it and there are several versions/editions of it. This book is going nowhere. I probably need to pick off a dozen books or so from the PBS bookshelf and donate them off somewhere. Still reading the John Stossel book and The Nubian Prince and will be looking to start another book tonight as well.

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