Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Wrong Side of Memphis--#65 finished

This is a mystery book by a St Louis author Claire Applewhite. It was just okay for me. The problems I had with it were characters just kind of jumping into and out of the action, there being a back story with characters that I didn't know and some characters were just too similar that they were easily confused by me. A lot of murder's happening in one apartment building and while the detective is around talking to people it takes months to get it figured out and several more murders in the meantime. Just kind of a strange book. I think there is a 2nd book in this series out so I will read it & see how it goes. I had actually finished this book a couple days ago but with a busy schedule just hadn't gotten time to log in till now.

There is 1 WL for it I will be posting it sometime soon to ship off. I am still reading Clinton vs Starr, I am under 100 pages and hope to maybe finish it this weekend. Also reading Gate at the Top of the Stairs, I think that is the title and just started The Last Undercover, about an FBI guy getting inside NAMBLA.

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