Thursday, February 9, 2012

Politics Noir--#10 finished

This is another short story book but this book was a little longer than the last one, 260 pages vs 93. This is the 3rd Noir book that I have read and all 3 were okay in parts but overall just okay. I know there are bunches out there of these Noir books but I doubt I will order any, but might pick them up if I see them for sale cheap. I think I liked the ones that revolved around cities, New Orleans and Detroit, more than I liked this one that revolved around politics. Some interesting stuff but again nothing really exciting. I think I might be done on short story books for a while.

I have posted it on PBS and there is 1 WL for it but I think I have posted to this person in the past and he either doesn't want library books or let the previous book time out. Anyway, it is posted but not sure it will be moving or not. I just started A Diet of Treacle and old Lawrence Block book and still working on other 2. I am not adding a 4th right now but who knows over the weekend.

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