Thursday, December 13, 2012

501 Minutes to Christ--#67 finished

This is a short story book by Poe Ballantine.  It is about his life and I really enjoy his writing and stories.  How he truly struggled and sacrificed to become who he is and a writer.  This is the 3rd book that I have read of his and in each I keep almost cheering him on as a writer and hope he achieves a strong level of success.  I found the first book I read of his at a library sale and bought it simply because his now hometown is Chadron, NE and since I am from NE it is almost impossible for me to not buy the book.  The other books of his, I actually have a 4th just haven't gotten to reading yet, have all come from  PBS and I feel a little guilty about that since I haven't actually purchased any of his books in a way he would get credit or even royalty from it.  Hopefully a 5th book comes out and I will buy it for that reason.

This book along with the author's other books is a keeper for me.  I will not be passing it along.  I am still reading 3 other books--hoping to get to 70 read for the year.  Reading G is for Gumshoe, The Boys in the Trees and started a Bill O'Reilly book Who's Looking Out for You?  I might look around tonight for another book but probably won't start since want to get these 3 closer to finished.

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