Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who's Looking Out for You--#70 finished

I really wanted to get to 70 books read for the year.  I doubt I will finish another one by the end of the year but I guess I could still.  This is one of the earlier Bill O'Reilly books and it didn't really change anything about my thoughts on him.  A good reporter/newsman that leans to the conservative side of things--a good fit at Fox.  Of the talking heads at Fox, I like him the most and it really isn't close--Hannity and Greta could just go away for my taste.  Half of their shows is defending what was said on other shows and lobbing softball questions to conservatives and talking over the liberals they find to bring on.  O'Reilly generally gives everyone on the show a chance to talk and also hits them with some decent questions at least some of the time.  Book was okay like his others that I read.

I have had this book on the shelf for a couple years now and just hadn't gotten around to it but since I needed a quick read on a shorter length book, it fit the bill.  I really wanted to get 70 books read.  I did post this book on PBS but there are 140+ copies a head of it so it won't be moving anytime soon if at all.  I am also reading a short story book, Where the Road Bottoms Out which is a little different and was published in 1995 so stories written earlier so kind of nice to step back a little on them.  I also started reading the last of the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel(Clan of the Cave Bear), this book is The Land of the Painted Caves.  Only 70 pages in and I have slipped right back to where it was when I read the last book a couple years ago.  I really enjoy this series and while only early on this book, I am enjoying it too.  I will probably be starting another book tonight or soon as well.

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