Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Boys in the Trees--#69 finished

A different sort of book about the 1800's people in the US/Canadian area.  A family that you don't fully understand with some interesting characters is killed by their father.  While it was hinted at that he was embezzling money from his workplace, not sure why the family didn't run or at least the dad.  Instead dad kills wife and 2 girls and not himself, he is instead hung after a trial.  Book was written from several different points of view through time.  There was a short Q&A with the author at the end and she explains why she wrote it this way--basically this was the type of book she wanted to write.  I think I would have preferred more info on all the characters, but obviously I am not the writer.

I am almost to 70 books read for the year, only 1 to go.  I have already posted this book on PBS there are like 4 copies ahead of it.  I am reading the Bill O'Reilly book and another short story book and will look to add a 3rd and maybe 4th tonight.

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