Sunday, February 3, 2013

Earrings--#6 finished

Kind of a slow and only sort of interesting book about earrings worn by Josephine during her coronation as Queen while married to Napoleon.  Lots of history about the time and people involved but as a story just sort of okay.  The author's family was involved around this time as a jeweler and I am not sure how much if any of this really happened or if it was all made up as a possible way his ancestor started his jewelry business.  Written as kind of a mystery, it was really confusing with names and titles of people going back 100 or so years.  I have been busy with other things lately so not giving the book my full attention at times probably didn't help either but part of that lies on the book just not being exciting enough to keep my attention. 

Oh well, I have posted it on PBS and I think it is the only copy in the system.  No idea how long it will take though before getting requested since seems to be a kind of obscure type book.  I just started reading Brownsville and have been really slowly reading Passion and Principle about John & Jessie Fremont.  Might think about a 3rd book in the next few days.

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