Monday, January 28, 2013

Recipes from the Dump--#5 finished

A quirky kind of read, a single mother that is struggling finding a relationship and shedding weight.  Also problems with job, neighbors, yard--living near dump, along with her emotional issues with the first Iraq war.  It was better than I expected, not great literature but also not mindless chic lit either.  I am surprised this is the only book listed on PBS by the author.  For a first book I think it is good enough for the author to deserve a 2nd book.  I will have to wiki her to see if any insight as to what has happened with her.

I have posted it on PBS and there are 14 copies a head of it so it won't be moving any time soon.  Oh well, it is a decent book so having it sit on my bookshelf is no big deal.  I am still reading Earrings and also just started Passion & Principle about John & Jessie Fremont.

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