Friday, January 18, 2013

The Land of Painted Caves--#3 finished

This is the last book in Jean Auel's series that started with The Clan of the Cave Bear.  I really enjoyed the series and have to give some credit to this series as to starting me back up reading back in the mid-90s.  All that being said, I think this was the weakest of the books.  There just wasn't much more new stuff going on.  The author also repeated much of what happened in earlier books to remind the readers but the reminders seemed to just be too much and even repeated reminders way too many times.  I still liked the characters and the story lines but just seemed like to much stuff in here that could have been cut away.  It made me think she wrote each chapter independent of the others so this caused her to repeat past stories too much.  Oh well not terrible but not a great end to the series either.  I should probably state that there was quite a time period from the book before this one to this one--like 10 years give or take a couple so that is probably why she repeated or flashed back so much, figuring some readers might not have read all the earlier books.

I am keeping this one as a keeper right now.  There are some WL for it but I have the others in this series so figure I will keep this one as well.  I am still reading The Two Princes' in the Tower and Recipes from the Dump.  Might look to add a 3rd tomorrow--too tired tonight to think about it.

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