Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Princes of the Tower--#4 finished

An interesting study of what happened and what evidence is out there about the tragic murdering of King Edward V and his younger brother Richard Duke of York.  At around their ages of 12 and 10, their father King Edward IV died and their uncle Richard was to provide them protection until they came of age.  Well instead Richard had his own designs for the crown and locked them away in London Tower and eventually had them killed.  Richard became Richard III but his reign was short and have problems from this and other things that he caused.

Henry Tudor had a claim to the throne and eventually gathered an army in France and crossed over to England where a great many of the aristocracy joined up with him after Richard III problems.  Henry became Henry VII and later the father of the more famous Henry VIII.  A very interesting time in England.  I read the books The White Queen and The Red Queen which is all about this as well.

Well I have posted this book on PBS and there are 3 copies a head of it but hopefully it will move.  I was the 6th transaction for this copy so I hope it can keep moving around the PBS world.  I am still reading Recipes from the Dump and started Earrings and might be starting a vampire sci-fi short story book as well.

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