Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miss Morissa--#24 finished

Mari Sandoz is a NE writer that I have several of her books but had only read one previously, her book on her father Old Jules, which is one of my favorites.  I finally read another book by her--this one, Miss Morissa about a lady doctor in the 1880s or around there that moved to the North Platte region of NE.  She grew up with a mom that struggled and basically in an orphanage, her father gone and was known as a bastard as a kid.  Her mom did remarry and she kind of escaped that life with her step-father.  After becoming a doctor was in Omaha and dating and engaged to an upper class man & family when they found out her questionable upbringing.  She fled this & moved to the then wild of western NE.

The story is about her and probably as much about the region and the growth it experienced in those years.  The Black Hills gold rush was going on, there were outlaw troubles, Indian issues and troubles, the rough weather, cowboy/cattleman vs homestead men problems as well as just plain old tough life.  The writing and characters are very good.  The changes that happen both in the characters and over time in the region all happen but are almost not noticed because it is just a gradual part of the story.  I really liked this book and it has added to my appreciation of this author.

I will not be posting this book, this stays as a keeper.  I am currently reading On Target and The Lady of the Rivers and just started Never Give Up, vignettes from Sub-Saharan Africa in the time of AIDS.  Not sure yet if I will be starting a 4th book or not right now.

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