Thursday, May 9, 2013

Throw like a Girl--#20 finished

I am very impressed with these short stories, memorable characters of people in mostly tough life stuff.  A really good book, I will certainly be searching out other books by the author Jean Thompson.  The stories were gripping but it was beyond that simple paragraphs or sentences in the stories carried so much weight into character development--each story had those powerful moments when you realized this is just some damn good writing.  I am interested to find out how or if the author could translate her writing to a novel setting--I know she has written a couple so I will have to be looking them up.

Very good book and it has become one of my keepers now.  In fact, I had posted it on PBS but I will be unposting it right after this.  I might have to offer it up to a buddy at work that writes, he might enjoy it or not.

I am still reading Miss Morissa and At the Stroke of Madness and the Tim Allen book Don't Stand too close to the Naked Guy.  Not sure if I will add a 4th tonight or not.

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