Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anonymous Sources--#64 finished

A very very good first book.  A newspaper reporter gets pulled into investigating a death at Harvard and from there follows this to a near terrorist attack on the White House.  A very good, fast paced read but with enough believability in it to keep it as an enjoyable read.  I am really surprised this is a first novel, it reads with a polished sense of purpose.  If I stop and think back there are probably some stretches of the imagination but overall the story flowed well.  It was a nice change to have the lead be a newspaper reporter too instead of a spy, mercenary, retired spy, military guy or something along those lines.  I am looking forward to the next book, not sure if it will continue as a series or not but either way should be interesting.

I will probably post it on PBS at some point, I think there are 14 WL for it, but in no real hurry at this point to do so.  Still reading the 1413 words book, just a tough book to read much of at any one sitting. It is an autobiography so it is also tough to read about the problems the author has had to get through.  Also still reading the short stories book and just started a book about Grace Kelly.  I will probably look to add another one into the mix as well.

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