Sunday, December 22, 2013

High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly--#65 finished

I knew of Grace Kelly, but other than maybe seeing her photo a few times, I really knew nothing about her.  This was both informative and really interesting for me.  I, of course, knew she gave up acting to marry the Prince of Monaco and raise a family.  I didn't realize she was caught up on the old movie 7 year contract problem.  I didn't know anything about her family and the pressures they put on her.  I just seemed to remember that people seemed to adore her and from reading this book you can kind of see why.  It is too bad she died young but her life seems to have been a success with her children and the projects she was involved in.  Also her thoughts on Hollywood life seem to be pretty much spot on, where it is shallow and constant pressure to present oneself as young or beautiful at all times--I am glad she was strong enough to get away and stay away.

I am not sure yet if I will post on PBS or not, there are 3 WL for it.  It may become a donation book to a silent auction.  Haven't decided yet.

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