Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mockingjay--#66 finished

This is the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series.  I really enjoyed the series as a whole & have liked both of the movies that have come out so far.  This book, had a lot to cover and was told from Katniss point of view which was seemingly always screwed up because of injuries & medication.  The ending of the book while it sort of makes sense to me, I don't think it was well enough explained.  Why did she kill the area 13 leader that was poised to takeover the whole territory after the revolt.  Was it just because this leader couldn't make a decision about ending the Hunger Games, was it because she was upset because this leader used Katniss like the prior leader had, or something else.  The book doesn't get into the politics much which is fine but then why does Katniss do such a major political assassination and not get really punished and never really explained in the end either.  The good thing is the movies have been very good and maybe they will help clear this up.

This is my oldest's book so I will not be posting it, it is a keeper.

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