Saturday, January 4, 2014

"J" is for Judgement--# 1 finished

I had to check my past Books Read sheets and found out I read this book before, which I thought I had, it was also the first book read of the year back in 2002.  Kind of funny both being first books read for a year.  I just have my Books Read sheets from then, there was no blogging at the time so I don't have any thoughts of the book from then.  I would guess then like now I enjoyed it.  Every book in the series I have enjoyed.  They are good investigation books with a kind of dogged or keep at it type investigations.  She doesn't seem to have any miracle conclusions or from left field type wrap ups, instead it is from working at it and piecing things together she gets the job done.  Her personal life is interesting but also limited so there are not a ton of characters to really remember from novel to novel, just a nice handful.  Good series and I will have to keep at it reading more this year.  I previously read "K" back in 1998 so a re-read will be good on that one.  "L" was 2009 but before I decided to start the whole series over with "A" later in that same year.

I will not be posting this one on PBS, this series is a keeper for me.  I am still reading 100 Malicious Little Mysteries getting to around 160 pages only so far.  Also still struggling through the 1413 words book--I am only at page 77.  Both of these books were starting in November I think so they are really taking too long but I plan to stick with both.  I also started reading Mr. Adams's Last Crusade just a few days ago and am around 50 pages in.  I will probably start a 4th book tonight as well.

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