Monday, January 20, 2014

Poker Nation--#4 finished

This was a really quick read.  A few short stories or personal observations about the author's life in poker.  Not a bad read, nothing earth shattering but just kind of your normal poker stuff.  It was kind of interesting to hear him or others in the book about being small time poker professionals.  Look for the right games & try to earn so much per hour.  I think many people that want to be poker professionals should see and read this--you can say you are a professional but still not make all that much money.  Also in poker you are a bad streak away from being flat broke too.  Book doesn't glamorize poker but was also mostly about the life of poker before Moneymaker gave poker the huge boom.  Not a bad read though all in all.

I cannot post it on PBS, there are a couple stains on a couple early pages that make this copy unpostable.  I have a few books now that will need to go to a used bookstore for credit--hopefully credit at least.  That is alright because there are copies of this book in the PBS system and I have a bunch of books already posted that aren't really moving so no need to add another into the mix.

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