Sunday, February 16, 2014

(1413 of) Those Words--#8 finished

Okay just a little background on this I guess is needed.  On PBS, a member there was asking for people to order her book and read it and give it a review.  This was last fall at some point and I thought what the heck, I read about anything, sure I will order it and do that.  It was somewhere in early Nov that I started this book and just finished it this morning.  I believe this to be a self published book and I think the author is a blogger or something along those lines.

Okay, now that that is out of the way a couple points.  This is kind of an autobiography but at points it reads almost like a diary--maybe a kind of therapeutic autobiography.  She has had a rough life in many ways & to endure & get to the part where her & her high school love are back together is a great story.  This had to be an emotional book to write to discuss being molested by a neighbor growing up, to family problems and then the teenage problems that most experience but hers with the kind of dulled senses toward sex because of the molestation--lots for a kid to endure.  Her true love in high school being indecisive and basically sticking with girlfriend number 1 instead of chancing it on girlfriend number 2, she sees as a kind of turning point.

Her partying ways through her 20s & 30s and eventually having a kid and then marrying someone else.  It was it sounds like a loveless marriage but stuck it out kind of thing.  So when HS love finds her on Facebook, all the old feelings come back.  Many, many pages of their communication are in the book, the back & forth of email or Facebook or eventually text messages.  It sounds like both have had less than ideal lives & nice to hope that getting together will be right for them.

This is probably my first experience with a self published book and I think this book is screaming for a good editor to come in & really clean it up.  It took me this long to read & I nearly quit reading too many times to count almost.  I would go weeks without touching this book, it just couldn't hold my interest.  Which is too bad because I think there is a good story in here, better than what is here but this is what it is.  I cannot recommend this book and I would have a hard time giving it an even decent review because of this.  Oh well, maybe give it a couple days & rethink it.

I am not sure if I will post it on PBS, probably not, most likely just a give away book.  Still finishing up Nowhere Near the Sea of Cortez.  Still in early stages of The Scorch Trials & just started The Mystery of Olga Checkova.  Not sure if another book will get started yet, I am thinking will wait till I finish Nowhere...

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