Tuesday, March 4, 2014

American Sniper--#12 finished

This is per the front cover, the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in US military history.  A Navy SEAL that had also gone through sniper training and then 9/11 happens and he does multiple tours in Iraq.  He gives the reader a real sense of what it was like over there, the street to street fighting and some of the tactics used to secure the different cities.  It was kind of disturbing at points where he mentions really enjoying the war and being a sniper and killing people that deserved to be killed.  I am glad he was there fighting for the US but still this brings to mind there is a cost beyond just the killed and injured in war, there is also how war changes people.  I just wonder if given a few more years if his attitude will change, I don't know, but I do wonder.  Also I want to make sure to mention, he is not a prima donna but really does give credit to everyone that he served with and that the fact of him having more sniper kills is really just a matter of time and place.

I will be posting it on PBS at some point and passing it along.  There is well over 100 WL for it so it should move quickly.  Reading Black Order, a James Rollins book and The Other Wes Moore and also working on The Watch, a short story book.  Not sure if I will be adding another one right away or not.

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