Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tomato Red--#17 finished

A story of the rough life of some other side of the track people in the Ozarks of MO.  The mom was the local hooker and her two children lived next door but didn't seem to really like mom.  The kids meet a stranger that is also a kind of kindred soul at a house they had broken into to screw around & play in, he broke in looking for drugs.  They hit it off and led a pointless life that was slowly pointing to getting out of the town since their reputation of being poor & trashy held them down.  After a showdown at the country club where the distance between them and the people of the country club is seen, they take revenge on the golf course in a big downpour and destroy many of the greens with pigs and chains.  Well, the brother ends up dead a few days later, death ruled drowning.  Police comes to them and basically says some country club types grabbed the kid and accidentally killed him.  The country club types passed a hat & offered them $5500.  Books ends with sister skipping town with a gun, no mention of money.  The kindred soul tries to chase after her but stopping for smokes, goes a little crazy and kills someone.  To me none of this really makes sense.  While parts of the book and characters were interesting, the ending really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  I am sure the author has some meaning in it but to me it is just pointless.

I will post this on PBS at some point, there is something like 22 WL for it so it will move whenever I post it.  I am getting close to finishing The Watch and have started RCA 70 Years of Labor something and Nellie Oleson's book--whatever the actress' name is.  I will probably start another book either tonight or tomorrow.

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