Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mullah's Storm--#16 finished

Another military novel about Afghanistan.  This time a plane is shot down with a high level prisoner & because of injuries some have to stay with the plane and the navigator, an interpreter--female, and the prisoner take off to get away since they knew bad guys were coming.  A good read and lots of good stuff about survival tactics.  The weather keeps help out for more than a few days & capture and then rescue and then tracking down the bad guys, lots of good action.  While I am not sure all of this happened at a time, it is a fiction novel, parts of this certainly did and it really sounds like most of this is possible or real scenarios in Afghanistan.  There is a 2nd book but I am not sure author was planning a 2nd book as this one just kind of ended, wasn't a complete clean ending.  I have the 2nd book so will probably try to read it soon.

I have posted this on PBS and I think there are like 15 copies ahead of it.  It might move if the series continues and gains popularity but I guess we will see.

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