Saturday, March 21, 2015

N is for Noose--#16 finished

This is the next in the Kinsey Millhone series.  This one is mostly located a few hours away from her home of Santa Teresa.  She had been in Carson City, NV helping her friend Dietz recover from knee surgery and a former client of his called for a him.  Since he was laid up and it was on the way home for Kinsey, she took the job figuring a few days on it & get some money running back in.  Of course it wasn't a simple job--if it was there could not have been a book.  It was fun though to see her grind away on a case.  She did get back to Santa Teresa at one point to kind of check in with things there before heading back out of town for the conclusion.  I liked this book, another very good addition to the series.  I have most of the rest of the series in hand so will be grabbing & getting on them a little quicker from now on.

I will be keeping it for now.  Figure to get the complete series and keep it, not sure if will re-read but might or maybe encourage others to do so.

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