Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Prince of Risk--#14 finished

A high powered Wall Street executive investigates his estranged dad's death.  Ex-wife is a hot FBI investigator that goes off the rails.  Dad was working with high ups in government and even going to see President when an "accident" occurs with secret service having to shoot up vehicle.  By the way dad was president of NYSE.  A man in China who was wanting to become even bigger in their government was behind all of this and wanted to manipulate the NYSE and other stock exchanges and throw in a terrorist shoot 'em up too.  Just a crazy story, can't really buy any of it and had a hard time caring anyway.  A page turner but when you take even a small step back, you realize it is all just kind of crazy unlikely or at least hope so.

I will post on PBS at some point but again at point with PBS of no books coming in so don't need to get more credits.  There are like 20 WL for the book so should be good into summer probably before would have to move it.

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