Saturday, March 14, 2015

The American Sun & Wind Moving Picture Company--#15 finished

A different sort of book.  A family that makes movies in the early days of making movies--before sound.  The book jumps a couple or 3 years at a time when going to a new chapter.  Joey is the main character, that as a young boy is beautiful enough to play girl roles & even as gets older continue's to play both male & female roles.  When in late teens or early 20s, he is forced to takeover as mother to her friend & lover, that kills her husband and fakes the death of her kids.  Joey starts across county with kids working when can and raising kids as best as possible.  After several years & struggles, gets to California and just as meets up with the real mother & former lover, the youngest the boy is killed.  Then jump ahead a few years and all living with his uncle Karl, who has married the lover and given her plastic surgery so won't be seen as escaped murderer.  Joey & girl sort of have a relationship again.  Interesting and confusing I guess would be how I describe the book.  Just really too disjointed to get into it & enjoy.  Maybe a little to artsy for me I guess.

I have posted it on PBS, it is the only copy so I would guess it will get requested at some point.  Reading a Joe Biden book and a Kurlansky book about Glouchester, MA and just started N is for Noose and also Miami Noir.  With these 4 going and none close to being done will probably just continue with them for now.

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