Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Last Fish Tale--#18 finished

A good read about the history of Gloucester, MA and of fishing in general.  Goes into the settlement of the area and the importance of fishing and then the advances and dangers.  Then advances becoming too good for the fishing and the extreme drop in numbers of fish and how the targeted fish changes to others.  Also Gloucester has been a popular spot for artists as well and how the artists and fisherman have mixed.  It also touches on what happens is a town loses it's commercial fishing port to tourists and wealthy as several cities have--none have returned to become a fishing town.  It is tough to mix tourism and fishing especially with dropping numbers of fish, the fisherman are struggling to make a living.  A good read to be introduced into this whole topic.  I like the writer from other books and figured since the reality TV show Wicked Tuna is out of Gloucester this would be a good read and it certainly was.

There are a 2 WL for it and I will probably post it at some point

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