Saturday, April 18, 2015

David Carradine: The Eye of my Tornado--#22 finished

I wasn't a Kung Fu fan, I guess bad timing in that I just don't remember it being on TV when I was paying attention.  Same with the later the Legend Continues or whatever it was.  I knew of the actor but that was about it until the Kill Bill movies.  I also remember his death with the strangulation during sex. Book looked interesting when I found it so picked it up.  Not a great book, not even a good book.  A good reminder though that people are complicated.  Throughout the book I just kept getting the feeling that there are two sides to every story and with David dead and an ex-wife writing a book, he just plain old doesn't get to respond.  That is the breaks I guess.  I don't think she was making stuff up and can tell at times struggled with what she was writing but still just her side.  From the book, he sounds like a dick, especially when he was drinking which was the time before her.  She helped sober him up and get a career back and she got no rewards for this--he dicked her out of commission because she was his agent.  He was almost certainly sleeping around and he became cold and like a bully to her.  It is too bad for her but then I kept asking during the book--you knew he was like this, so what did you get involved.  She shacked up with him while he was in the process of leaving one of his wives--I don't even know how many marriages these 2 went through but it was more than plenty.  She was divorced once or twice and so was he before this--why she didn't see that things would end and probably end badly I have no idea.  Or maybe she did but that just didn't come out in the book?

Some interesting stuff about his life and her life and some inside stuff about movies.  There are probably better books out there to spend your time with than this one, unless big fan of either of them.

I have posted it on PBS and there are 2 copies ahead of it so probably not moving anytime soon.

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