Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Lincoln Myth--#20 finished

This was the next in the Cotton Malone series and a good read, no as good as others that I remember but okay.  Had to do with Mormans and succession from the US.  Old documents from the Constitutional Convention time by Madison give rise to a secret document that all signed that would allow states to leave the union.  Document was passed from President to President until Lincoln sends it off in hiding to Brigham Young in Utah to keep Utah out of the Civil War so the West would basically be safe.  Jump to today and the 2nd in command of Mormans learns of this & wants to use it to break Utah and maybe other states out and become their own countries.  Of course bad stuff happens & Malone gets pulled in to fix things.  Just an alright story.  Had a hard time believing the whole secret document thing along with the real evil person--deranged kind of guy helping the 2nd in command guy.  Throw in Casopedia Vitt, Malone's sort of girlfriend also know & sort of having old relationship with deranged guy and it was just a little too much to swallow on this one.  Still okay and moves the series along I guess.

I will post it on PBS at some point, think there was 20 or maybe 40 WL for it.  Not sure if will start another one right away or not.  Have 3 reading & might stay at that for now but will see.

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