Sunday, April 12, 2015

Meet the Annas--#21 finished

A musical novel about a girls group in the '60s right before the British invasion.  Kind of fun read about making music back then and an interesting couple of song writers.  The story is set 30 some years later when one of the songs that basically flopped when greatness was expected, becomes a hit in the '90s from commercials and maybe movies, etc.  One of the songwriters is bitter that the producer and his thug pal forced their way into the songwriting credits so the writer Dink is suing over that.  Also this opened many unanswered questions and brought people back in touch that hadn't talked in years--like the songwriters.  Why it took 30 plus years for all of this to get in the open, I have no clue--a real shortcoming in the book that is otherwise pretty good.  Oh well, still an okay read though.

I will be posting it on PBS, there is 1 WL for it so will probably post soon.

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