Saturday, July 8, 2017

Big Law--#33 finished

Good lawyer story about a "Big Law" firm where the head of firm is making some questionable decisions in order to improve bottom line for an IPO he was setting up.  This would allow him to then cash out on the stock & rake in bunches of money before these questionable cases flopped or maybe hit, either way he would be gone.  Story told from perspective of a lower level partner that was heading one of these questionable ones--that was probably the worst of the bunch.  It was a case that a competitor had set them up on.  Of course the partner also had shitty things going on in his personal life too.  He comes out in the end.  A good quick read.

There are around 4 WL for the book so I will be posting it at some point probably soon but have enough credits right now so not posting right away.

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