Monday, July 3, 2017

How I Became a Famous Novelist--#31 finished

A 20 something smart guy with good writing skills, is jolted when his ex-girlfriend becomes engaged.   She was a slacker like him in college, at least that is what he thought, but she dumped him and became something and got engaged.  He also loses his job at this time too.  He decides he wants to write a bestseller just so he can show up at the wedding as a success to lord over the ex.  He finds a formula that many bestsellers have & starts writing.  His friend Lucy from college is a really good character that works at a big publishing house & gets his book sold and she edits it for him.  Book starts slow but seems to find a niche and continues, press takes it on slowly.  Good stuff with traveling to a book expo and a small college to read for students.  He knows he sold out on his story & believes the other writers do too.  He gets it handed to him in a debate with a writer he thought was a fraud.  He then opens up & explains in TV interview that he just wrote what people wanted--didn't agonize over writing or put his heart into it.  More controversy sells more books.  Basically a funny story with I am sure a lot of truth to it as well.

There are 2 WL for this book and I will probably post this soon to get it moving along.

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