Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Eternity Cure--#36 finished

The 2nd in a 3 book series about a young lady that becomes a vampire.  The world is a big mess, vampires rule, some humans help the vampires and some are fringe sorts.  Also many humans have become zombie like things called Rabids which basically over run large areas.  In first book Allie was turned into vampire & taught some stuff by mentor and then she got separated & helped a group of humans reach a place called Eden where humans would be safe.  She kept her vampireness hidden from the most of the way & helped but they found out and book ended with her being separated from them.  Zeke was leader's son that she kind of liked but the whole vampire human thing was/is problem.  Well this book she is looking for mentor who was kidnapped by evil vampire guy that also turns another disease loose on humans hurting the blood supply/food for vampires.  She meets up with evil brother--same mentor turned them both, and they are eventually joined by Zeke who came to look for Allie.  They find a cure for new disease but Zeke is caught by crazy evil vampire, that is where 3rd book going.  Good series as far as these vampire world to hell books go.

My oldest read the first & will probably read this one too so holding it at least until then.  Still have first in series too.

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