Monday, July 17, 2017

The Basque History of the World--#34 finished

I have a friend that is part Basque so I knew a little about the Basques before reading the book but lots of interesting information in here.  It reads a little like a history book at times especially with leading up to the Spanish Civil War and then during the time under Franco.  Interesting people that is divided up into provinces in France & Spain.  The Spanish provinces have been very successful throughout history it seems.  They were leaders of shipping and fishing, iron production and trade.  It is sad that other than a very short time the Basque have not been their own country.  Maybe some day it will happen, who knows what will happen in Europe these next 20 years.

There are a couple WL for this book but not sure if I will mail it off, I may keep it.  I like this author a lot, his books are full of interesting facts & information about various topics.

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