Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 miles

I hadn't run in just about a week and had been wanting to get a run in several times the last few days. Well this morning presented itself to me. I didn't want to just do my normal boring 3 mile run and I really didn't have time to drive to one of the larger parks in the area for a 6 mile run. I instead choose the 5 mile run starting at my house. Right away I knew I would be struggling, the first mile was a lot of walking and took 15:35, a bathroom stop was also included in this. The 2nd mile a little better at 13:30, 3rd mile at 13:44. Then slowed down to 14:22 and a 14:55 to finish it out. I really struggled but it was a nice morning to run so at least the weather cooperated.

I knew I would have to struggle through a run in order to let the next run be better so here is hoping for a good couple runs later this week.

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