Friday, November 26, 2010

Hollow Ground--#78 finished

Mixed emotions about the book. Some kind of interesting characters and some interesting things going on in the background of the story but altogether I guess I didn't really enjoy it very much. Gary returns to rural TN after a long absence that included time fighting in Vietnam to meet his son for the first time. Vietnam stuff sounded interesting but hardly mentioned. His son Taft is now a teenager, 14 if I remember correctly. Taft is kind of a loner, he hangs out with a kind of buddy Scott, who he seems to not like but that is who he has. He also has kind of a friend/girl friend in Tanya who at the beginning of the book seemed nice and maybe not innocent not far off, but by the end of the book had turned mental and somewhat evil. The Tanya character really didn't make sense. Through in a crazy uncle Tony and others well a lot was going on but not much of it was being explained.

Oh well, it is the author's first novel so being a little rough is not surprising. I just wish we would have had more of things explained in the book. I guess it is supposed to be up to the reader to decide things both big & small in this book & I really don't feel like doing so.

This is a book that I got from PBS & back to PBS it will go, I hope. There are no other hardcopies on PBS but there are some number of paperback copies. I have posted it on PBS but really don't have an idea how long it will be sitting there.


Jackie said...

Hi Daryl,
I caught sight of your blog while searching for the book The life of John Cardinal Glennon, Archbishop of St. Louis. I'm looking for this book for my father for Christmas and wondered if you still had it and would be willing to sell it? I realize I should make a comment about the blog but did not know any other way to contact you. Hope you are well and I really like your Books Read List, quite impressive. Hope to hear from you.

StLouBlue said...

Jackie thanks for the comment. I am always amazed when someone finds my blog. I checked & I do have my copy of The Life of John Cardinal Glennon Archbishop of St Louis. It is a paperback and in pretty good condition overall. I am willing to pass it along to you. I have no idea what a fair price is, I still have the price sticker on the book from when I bought it--it cost $1.00. I remember buying it at the Old Cathedral gift shop somewhere in the early 1990s.

Anyway if you are in the St Louis area we could possibly meet up or I can mail it to you. I clicked on your name but it wouldn't take me to your blog or email so I hope you see my response.