Friday, January 28, 2011

The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair and Other Excursions & Observations--#8 finished

This is a collection of George Plimpton articles from throughout his career. Some very good and funny stuff. I knew of George Plimpton as the sports writer that actually got out there and attempted the sports to write about them. The Paper Lion probably his most famous where he went to the Detroit Lions training camp as a quarterback and even got a few plays in during a preseason game. I knew he was a writer but thought his main focus was sports. Well I was wrong and this book was a nice intro into some of what his career spanned. I liked the book, it was a short quick read with interesting chapters.

I have posted it on PBS, there was one WL for it so hopefully it will be getting mailed off soon. I am still working on The Hour I First Believed and also working on Breaking Dawn--the Twilight book. Not sure if I will be starting a 3rd one tonight but will probably look to add a 3rd sometime this weekend.

By the way, not a bad start to the year 8 books read in the first month. Now 3 of them are under 200 pages but still considering I have been slowly working on The Hour...8 read is not bad at all.

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