Monday, August 29, 2011

Found: A Daughter's Journey Home--#49 finished

This is a followup kind of memoir/autobiography by Tatum O'Neal after The Paper Life from a few years back. Not too bad explaining her addictions and an arrest of trying to purchase drugs. How she has tried to rebuild her life with her children and her father. Also about the new show they have a reality/documentary type thing, where the cameras are on her and her father and their getting back together. It is on Oprah's network and I saw it a month ago or so and watched about 15 minutes of it, not too exciting. Oh well, the book is okay, nothing too great.

I will be mailing it off later this week or next, once I finish another WL book or when one on my bookshelf is requested. I think there were 54 WL for it still. Still working on those other two, The Emperor's Tomb and Bluebirds.

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