Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bluebirds Used to Croon in the Choir--#50 finished

A book of unusual short stories by Joe Meno. While most were interesting in one way or another, I have to say I really don't get them. I guess they were attempting to bring out some kind of emotions in the reader and while some did, this is not something that interests me or I enjoy. A strange collection of stories and thoughts. Some of the stories seem to have some beginnings of maybe becoming a longer story or book. Since pretty much all of them ended up opened ended, a couple of how things ended would have been nice but I guess that is not the author's style. I think I have another Joe Meno book on my WL and now I am not so sure I want it but I won't decide now. I will give it a few days to see how this book sinks in to me if it does at all.

I will be mailing it off, I think there are 9 WL for it and have been for a long time. I just mailed the Tatum O'Neal book today so might just wait till next week after the holiday before posting this one. I might try to get The Emperor's Tomb done by then also but it has been slow going for me. I have also just started a Civil War novel, To Make Men Free.

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