Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Emperor's Tomb--#51 finished

I really wasn't expecting to finish this book today, but since my wife wasn't feeling well it was a stay home day and I took advantage of and got plenty of reading in. This is kind of a normal Steve Berry book in that it is a story he wraps around true facts and theories with some belief. It makes for an interesting story. I force myself to read his author's notes after finishing the book and that is where he explains important parts of his story. This one is mostly in China with the underlying theory being oil is naturally produced by the earth instead of being finite from long ago decomposed fossils, dinosaurs, etc. Interesting theory and hope it is true and sounds like there is some evidence, not sure why it is not really mentioned but there it is.

I have posted it on PBS, since I have a couple other books to mail--I did post Bluebirds and a couple others that I had around that people wanted. I hope to mail them all soon after the holiday tomorrow. I am still reading the Civil War novel, To Set Men Free. I also started and have gotten a ways into it already, Digital Fortress, the next Dan Brown novel--so far like expected a page turner. I also started the opposite of a page turner, The Death of American Virtue, Clinton vs Starr. Like the Passage before it I want to get reading some of these long books I have so I have tried to do so. I don't expect to start a 4th book, will probably wait till Digital Fortress is closer to being finished.

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