Thursday, September 8, 2011

Digital Fortress--#52 finished

The same author as The DiVinci Code and Angels and Demons, Dan Brown. This book was similar in that it is a quick and easy page turner type book. Code breaking and computer stuff and all of that along with a tracking and chase side as well. Not a bad book for what it is--an action adventure page turner. To me Dan Brown books are kind of like John Grisham books fun easy reads or mind candy as a former boss used to call them. Not really much more to it.

I have posted it already on PBS and there were 190 copies a head of mine, the new sized mass media paperback and I didn't bother checking numbers of copies for hardback and others. I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands. I am not expecting this book to move but will have it on my bookshelf and see, maybe offer if up in a deal down the line. I got the book from a deal in the first place.

I am still reading the Civil War novel, To Make Men Free, just getting past 100 pages read. Also reading The Death of American Virtue the Clinton vs Starr book, slow going but was expected but interesting so far also. I have also started a basement book, in other words, it means I will only keep it in the basement, Honey in His Mouth. It has a pretty provocative cover photo, a woman in a very skimpy negligee. I might look to add a 4th book but not sure at this point.

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