Saturday, July 7, 2012

Even Cowgirls get the Blues--#37 finished

It took a while and pretty much the whole way through the book I just didn't like it.  I have to say it was basically just a stupid book and mostly seems a waste of time.  All I can figure is that in the 1970s when it first came out it must have been cutting edge and maybe new stuff.  Lesbianism, cowgirls, weirdo stuff just isn't stuff that shocks people today but I am guessing it did back when written.  Sorry, I really did not like this book.  It took me months to read it but it was finally a few days ago where I just told myself to get it done and read the last 200 pages in about 3 days.  I am glad I did only because it is now done.

It is a book that I got from PBS but it is really a nonpostable book so I will not be sending it out.  I will be getting donated to a library sale or maybe traded for credit at the used bookstore nearby.  I really don't want the book around long so it should be moving off soon.

I am still reading Edgar Sawtelle and probably need to do something similar where I only read it extensively for a few days to get it close to the end.  Not right now but I will probably have to do that.  I did just start Growgirl about the Blair Witch girl's life where she is now into growing medical pot in CA.  I will be looking for another book tonight as well.

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