Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Memory of Running--#38 finished

This was the book that I picked up and started late Saturday night.  I really hooked me.  It is a real good story, maybe a little unbelievable at points but still very good.  The main person Smithy is just kind of knocking his way through life when suddenly both his parents die in a car accident and he is almost forced to deal with his crappy life.  He deals with it by sort of starting to ride his old bike again but even  then it is starts and stops.  He is unsure of himself the whole way through the book.  While all of this is going on with him, the other main story line is his sister Bethany and her troubles.  A kind of creepy voice pulls her out of a normal life and leads her to run away and into trouble her whole life.  The way Smithy kind of describes it at times is almost exorcist like, the movie.  Really creepy and scary.  Right after burying his parents, Smithy gets a letter from Los Angles that Bethany has died and her body is there waiting for him.  His dad had sent out dental records all around the county for this very reason.  So in order to get to CA he just kind of decides to ride the bike--no real planning or anything involved. Some interesting characters and happenings along the way, some personal growth and mending and old relationship as well.  Very good book.

I was thinking about keeping it but I really have too many books and this is one with several copies so could always order it back if needed.  I will post it but don't expect it will be moving but will leave on shelf for now.

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