Friday, July 20, 2012

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle--#39 finished

This is another book that took me far too long to read.  I will have to check back to see about when I started it but I am thinking it was March, could have even been Feb.  This is a book that I have a hard time saying I enjoyed, I think instead I endured it.  There are parts that were interesting but all around those parts were stuff that I just didn't care about.  Many questions only get answered in with half answers and other things become questions that kind of get ignored.  Again though some interesting stuff in here but not enough for me to like the book.

My copy is non-postable per PBS requirements, there is a water stain on the bottom of the book.  I will have to make it go away some other way--give to library or take to used bookstore for credit.  There are like 70 some copies already on PBS so it wasn't going to move from there anyway.

I am still reading Growgirl or something like that--the Blair Witch girl/actor becomes a pot grower.  Not too exciting either but not so bad.  I also started Daughters of the North, a future--isn't so bright--istic book of England.  I will be looking to start another either tonight or tomorrow also.

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