Sunday, July 29, 2012

Growgirl--#42 finished

Growgirl by Heather Donahue, she is the actress from The Blair Witch Project.  This is her book about her life of a couple years ago, when she decided to give up acting and instead hooked up with a guy & group of pot growers in CA.  She never really addresses her finances in real dollars just says she basically has no or little money.  I thought she would have made a bundle on the movie or at least between it and the second one enough to live comfortably.  Who knows.  Well she ends up meeting this guy who she dates who is into this whole hippie community sense of growing pot--really kind of bizarre life/lifestyle.  She breaks up with him but is already setup with a rental property with the garage all decked out for growing pot.  She gets into all of the details of it both growing and how it is quasi-legal in CA.  She does get out of it in the end but that is also the end of the book so not sure where she is at right now.  I think it was an okay read if you are interested in pot--I'm not so not so much my cup of tea.  Some more details about her life before would have helped but I guess the pot was the focus not the before life.

I have posted it on PBS & it has already been accepted so I will be mailing it off this week.  I am now reading The Secret Soldier and Love Kills.  I will start a 3rd book, maybe tonight if I can pick one out quick.

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