Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fergie: My Life from the Cubs to Cooperstown--#35 finished

This is Ferguson Jenkins book.  I grew up liking the Texas Rangers, when you grow up in NE you can kind of pick any team you want.  The KC Royals were probably in the paper the most but I was a fan of the Lone Ranger so the Texas Rangers just kind of fit.  When I started following baseball & the Rangers they were not the terrible team of a couple years earlier.  Jenkins was their star pitcher and they had players like Toby Harrah, Mike Hargrove, Jim Sundberg, etc.  They never put it all together to win but it was fun following them especially with baseball cards.  Because Fergie's good years with the Cubs were prior to me knowing baseball, for me he is always associated with the TX Rangers.  I guess when I saw this book I was a little surprised his connection to the Cubs.  It was a good read and learned a lot about the player & person.

I will be posting it on PBS today, there is 1 WL for it.  I am still reading Havana Bay and am starting another short story in Skeleton Crew--I had set this aside for about a month so figure time to get back on it.  I will be adding another book to the mix as well.

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