Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NYPD Red--#37 finished

This is a James Patterson New York detective book.  It is a good quick page turner type book.  I started it on Sunday I think and by Wednesday night it is done.  An elite police force in NY that is focused on the rich/elite faces off with a crazy guy serial killer during a week long Hollywood in NY time.  It is not great writing or story and probably has a few holes but it moves fast so you don't have time to really sit back & think on it.  I think this is kind of my reaction to the other Patterson book(maybe books, not sure if I have read 1 or 2) but all in all a fun read.

I will posting it on PBS at some point, probably in near future.  The WL for it was over 100 so it will move, just need to post it.

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