Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hamburgers & Fries--#38 finished

This was a short quick read about the history of hamburgers and then at the end some quick notes about fries.  Some kind of interesting stuff and ideas about hamburgers but I guess I am not that much of a hamburger foodie as the author.  Eating a bunch of hamburgers is not something that excites me even though I do like to eat, just not really obsessive about a food.  Also he was in Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee but didn't get into Nebraska or Missouri--my states seem kind of left out.  Oh well, that is the way it goes sometimes.

I have posted it on PBS and there were 2 WL for it so hope it goes soon.  I just started H is for Homicide the next Kinsey Milhone book and it has started good--I really do like this series and glad I am sticking with reading in order.  Also still have Skeleton Crew and will probably start a 3rd book later tonight.

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