Saturday, August 24, 2013

Swinging from My Heels--#40 finished

Good read about the LPGA by Christina Kim a player on the tour.  She had some interesting insights about the tour and the '09 season.  That was a tough season for her personally in growing up in many ways and also for the tour because of the crappy economy.  It is really too bad that the LPGA remains stuck in obscurity while the PGA flourishes.  I doubt they would ever be on the same level but the LPGA should not be buried either.  I turned on CBS for just a couples minutes today for golf and they highlighted the other tours, the PGA, the Seniors and the minor tour used to be Nike, now I don't know.  There was no mention of the LPGA--I don't know why, maybe there is no tourney this weekend and the mention it when there is but still really seems unfair.  I checked Christina Kim on wikipedia a few days ago and it seems like she hasn't turned her game up, seems to be more of a fringe player and plays more European tour now, which in her book she mentioned doesn't pay as well.  I don't know why Europe, could be boyfriend, likes the countries there, etc so maybe it is not a play thing but I do wish her well.  This was an interesting book and will help me follow the LPGA a little more.

I have posted it on PBS, there were no copies before this one so it should go at some point.  I am still reading Skeleton Crew and have started Expecting to Fly and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.  I will probably be grabbing another book as well.

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