Friday, December 19, 2014

Calvin Coolidge--#74 finished

A short quick read about Calvin Coolidge.  He seems to be an interesting person in that he is more complex than what is figured on first glance.  I guess that is probably the case for most of us though too but I guess I had never gotten beyond the first glance of Coolidge before.  A small government, simple life kind of person but also made friends with big time businessmen and supporters that helped him gain the Vice Presidency under Harding and then ascend to the Presidency after Harding's death.  A very almost unspoken way about him but then also used the new media--radio & movies to reach out to people in ways never done before.  And the radio & movies were all very handled in the sense they were done to get a certain message across to the people, kind of bypassing the newspapers & congress in a sense.  Was hand's off on policy in that he depended on his cabinet for carrying out the details of what he wanted done.  Had to fight both Democrats and sides of his own party on issues too.  Then in personal life had lost his mother & sister when he was a teenager and then as President lost one of his sons.  These deaths certainly affected him and certainly his son's death his Presidency.

I good read and interesting to learn somethings about him.  He is kind of a forgotten President being before the Great Depression and New Deal politics and happening after WWI and Wilson's Presidency.

I will be posting it at some point on PBS, there are 3 WL for it so it should mail off right away once I do.  Still reading Saga and Swimsuit by Patterson, will add a 3rd and maybe 4th today or this weekend.

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