Monday, December 1, 2014

College Football--#71 finished

I good read about the history of college football.  Lots of stuff in here about the early years and how the sport was founded and the controversies and changes it went through.  Kind of funny but football has had to keep evolving into the sport that it needs to be for that time period it seems.  The book was published in 2000 so in college football terms there has been changes & I would guess the author would say not changes for the better.  Especially the continued professionalization of the college game. At the end he mentions that at some point colleges may have to get away from football, especially the big time colleges because it no longer has any real connection to the college.  Players are fed classes to keep them eligible, spend more time practicing football than studying and continue to get better accommodations than the average student--the football teams really should just become the minor league teams they are in most ways already.   The obscene pay of coaches is another reality.  Of course in the last year the Northwestern players talking about unionizing and NCAA talking about paying players are the next changes coming.  There is also the injuries and concussion issues that have hit the NFL, that are probably a few short steps from hitting the colleges as well.  These are all too new so not in the book but I couldn't help but wonder what the author would say and what direction they are pulling college football.

I will be posting this book on PBS at some point, I think there are 3 WL for it.  Since it is the Christmas season and the post offices are busy, I generally try to avoid mailing many books at this time of the year but since my credit had run low recently, I did mail some off.  If that happens again, this one could be getting moved sooner.

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