Saturday, December 27, 2014

Swimsuit--#76 finished

This is a James Patterson book with a co author Maxine Paetro.  I really didn't like the book.  Got to know the people and liked them before a serial killer kills most everyone.  Just a lot of killing going on. I didn't really buy into the idea of the peepers, real wealthy people that pay to see killings and or rapes, etc.  In the end the peepers are arrested but serial killer gets away and writer that exposed it goes in hiding with wife and soon to be child.  Just really didn't like it.  It had short chapters and quick reading so those are the reasons I stuck with it.  Also my copy is all beaten up so figured taking it along on vacation wouldn't harm it at all.

There are many copies on PBS & one I have is an Advanced Reader Copy so cannot send through PBS anyway.  I got it as part of a deal I think--just a throw in book and figured a Patterson read would be good--now I will be more wary.  I will be giving it away somewhere, no reason at all to keep.

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